Time to Leave Former Jets’ QB Tim Tebow Alone


Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) passes the ball before the game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I write this not as a referendum on Tim Tebow’s ability. Everyone who reads this blog knows exactly how I feel in this regard. That isn’t the point here. Nor is the point being whether or not he should continue moving forward as a quarterback in this league. No matter how you or I feel about this matter, Tim Tebow is his own independent man. Even if we don’t agree with him, it still is an admirable trait to stick to your guns in the face of all else.

The point is, the media is now getting on his case dropping rumors coming from Tebow’s “camp”, or his supporters if you aren’t familiar with the term. What did we here last week? “Tebow’s camp is admitting that his run is over”, we hear that the players, former and current, are very down on his ability.

Opposite reports come out, saying that his “camp”, would not be admitting that Tebow is giving up his career at quarterback. The reports now say he has no intention of leaving the team, thus getting everyone talking about whether or not he should be listening, and changing positions. The Arena League wants him, maybe he should go play there. It certainly would teach him to make quicker decisions.

Or, is it time to change positions? So many scouts have said there would be interest in him if he would open his mind to the possibility of other positions.

And then, the pressure gets to him. Tim will be answering questions like this ever day, until here Tim leaves the support to the rest of the roster, or he retires.

So the situation is, Tim Tebow is not on a roster, but still gets criticized for every move he makes. He goes somewhere else, and causes trouble, Criticize him for that. If makes a move that appears to be selfish, he will be grounded to the turf by half of the NFL fan base.

You may not like Tim Tebow as a football player, as I don’t. However, there is no reason to not like him as a person. He is gone from the Jets now, out of our purview. It’s time for the mainstream media to leave him alone. Let him go about his business, and make the decision that will serve him, in his opinion, the best.

Otherwise, who’s the circus now, Rich Cimini and company.