Biggest Game of the Fourth Quarter of 2012 for the New York Jets

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Monday night in Tennessee is going to be huge, as it will be a game for playoff position. The Chargers, who the Jets face the following week, will be battling for the division along with the Denver Broncos. As such, the Titans will be fighting for a wild card spot.

Same for the Jets, unfortunately. As much as I would like to say that we are going to win the division, with that evil team a little farther to the Northeast, it’s hard to make that prediction.

Any team that has Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and all of the rest of those weapons that team has, is likely to win their division. So, the Jets will be fighting for a wild card spot as well, right along with the Titans. This game will be pivotal to both teams, and their playoff chances.

It will be as good a test as any for the Jets run defense as well, facing Chris Johnson. Karl Dunbar and his defensive line will be put to the test.

Jets vs Titans will be an excellent matchup. A great one to watch, and a hugely important game.

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