Zach Wilson sure is happy the NY Jets re-signed Joe Flacco

NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson treats his elders with respect...and a little bit of mockery. He recently expressed his delight at seeing Joe Flacco, aka "Dad," back on the team for 2022.

The Jets re-signed Joe Flacco to a one-year, $3.5 million deal that sets Flacco up for his third stint in New York in the last three years. Flacco serves the role of a veteran backup, mentor, and even a potential father figure to 2021 No. 2 pick Zach Wilson.

When Wilson was learning multiplication tables in elementary school, Flacco entered the NFL as a promising first-round quarterback. In his 11 years in Baltimore, one meme-ified question has defined the now-grizzled vet's legacy: Is Joe Flacco elite?

Wilson chimed in with his opinions on the matter in a tweet praising his new "dad."

NY Jets quarterbacks Zach Wilson and Joe Flacco are family now

If the Jets quarterback room were a family, Flacco would most certainly be the fun "dad" while Wilson is the overachieving older son carrying the hopes and dreams of said family. Mike White, Flacco's presumable other son, would be...Plan B, we suppose.

Flacco played five games for the Jets in 2020, had a short stint on the Philadelphia Eagles, and then was traded back to New York in 2021. This past season, he played two games and threw for 338 yards and three touchdowns, and one of those games was a particularly brutal 45-17 defeat to the Buffalo Bills.

With a wealth of experience and maybe even a few dad jokes in him, Flacco will fill in yet again as a backup quarterback alongside Mike White as Wilson starts his second season for the Jets.

2022 will be a "prove it" year for Wilson who has yet to reach expectations as a consistent starter, but New York's smart offseason moves should make his job a little easier this time around.

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Between Zach Wilson and Joe Flacco, the Jets hope they have at least one "elite" quarterback on the roster. To be clear, Wilson. No offense to Flacco, but they hope to God that elite quarterback is Wilson.