Zach Wilson continues to handicap the NY Jets after embarrassing Week 3 loss

It was as bad as bad gets for Zach Wilson and the Jets
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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3. Zach Wilson's play makes the offensive line worse

Playing offensive line in the NFL is tough enough. There are superstar pass-rushers everywhere, such as Micah Parsons, who are unblockable enough. Zach Wilson makes this all so much worse for the Jets.

Anyone who knows anything about football knows that on first and second down, the Jets are going to try and run the ball. In theory, this would set up a short yardage third down where they can either run again or have Wilson try and throw a short pass, which should be easier to complete.

The problem is that everyone knows this. Teams the last two weeks have decided to just stack the box on early downs, giving up very little yardage on those run plays. In fact, in the last two weeks, the Jets have run the ball 31 times for just 61 yards. They aren't fooling anyone.

The problem for the offensive line is that the advanced stats paint a picture that they can't generate any success running the ball or in their run-block win rates. They graded out as 26th out of 32 this past week. But of course, they can't win when teams are putting more in the box than blockers available.

Additionally, when they then face third-and-long after two bad runs, the other team knows that on third and 8 the Jets are throwing the ball. Parsons dominated a game just rushing the passer on third and long. Matt Judon just did it again this week.

Wilson holds the ball too long, runs into pressure himself far too often, misses easy passes when there is no pressure, and doesn't create confidence in the unit.

Don't get me wrong, the offensive line isn't spectacular. Duane Brown was not good last week against Parsons. Mekhi Becton isn't great either and moving guys out of position isn't a great formula for success.

But Wilson makes their job even harder offensively. One slip up and the drive is ruined. They can't get any push in the run game against stacked boxes. Wilson runs himself into sacks and pressures. When they do protect him, he's dead last in clean pocket QBR and completion percentage. It's all bad, and it all comes back to Wilson.