If Zach Wilson fails, it won't be on Joe Douglas and the NY Jets

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets have spent the better part of the last two years doing everything they can to build around Zach Wilson. General manager Joe Douglas appointed Wilson as his chosen QB and he's done everything possible to surround him with talent.

Douglas' approach to building around Wilson has come in stark contrast to his approach with former QB Sam Darnold. He's righting his prior wrongs and constructing a roster that should allow Wilson every opportunity to develop into the quarterback they believe he can be.

It's coming to the point that, if Wilson fails, it will be difficult to fault the Jets. Of course, Douglas is the one who drafted Wilson. A QB's shortcomings or successes will always fall on the general manager who drafted them.

But in terms of setting a young quarterback up for success, the Jets have done their part. The rest is on Wilson.

The NY Jets have set Zach Wilson up for success this season

Wilson wasn't drafted into a stable environment. Yes, Douglas had made strides toward improving the roster that he inherited from former GM Mike Maccagnan, but his disappointing 2020 NFL Draft class and underwhelming first free agency haul slowed the process.

The Jets had plenty of work to do before they could support Wilson the way they had hoped. It helped that the Jets were able to hit on a number of their 2021 draft picks and acquire significant draft capital via the trade market.

In the course of two years, they've transformed a large portion of their roster and provided Wilson with not only a competent starting offense but adequate depth.

The Jets are legitimately three-deep at tight ends, at least two-deep at running back, four-deep at wide receiver, and have at least respectable offensive line depth. Douglas has done what he could to ensure that, if an injury disaster like last year strikes again, the Jets will be better prepared.

Wilson was bad in his rookie year. He was a bottom-three quarterback in the NFL. Yes, there is a laundry list of excuses that can be made, many of which are valid. But the bottom line is that if the Jets are going to be competitive in 2022, they will need Wilson to take a significant step forward.

The Jets believe he can. Douglas believes Wilson can be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The organization has done more than enough over the last two offseasons to curate an environment where Wilson can thrive.

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It all falls on Zach Wilson now. Joe Douglas has done his part.