'Beefy' Zach Wilson and 4 early takeaways from NY Jets OTAs

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2. Quinnen Williams is focused on a career year

Few players have more at stake for them in 2022 than Quinnen Williams. The former No. 3 overall pick has developed into one of the best overall players on the Jets' roster, but it's fair to say that he hasn't quite taken that step toward stardom just yet.

He's a very good player, but he hasn't established himself as a great one to this point. Williams needs to put together an impressive 2022 season, especially with his contract situation looming.

To his credit, Williams insists that everything is business as usual. When speaking to the media on Tuesday, the former Alabama star said that his focus is on his performance and not his contract.

"I just believe the contract will handle itself. The money will handle itself. I play this game for the love of the game, first and foremost. Money is not a big thing in my heart or in my mind right now. I just want to be the best football player on the field that I can be — one of the best football players."

Quinnen Williams

That doesn't sound like someone who's eager to put pressure on the Jets. That falls in line with what has been a notably quiet offseason in regard to Williams' contract situation.

While other fourth-year stars around the league have made it known that they want their payday as soon as possible, Williams has taken things slowly. Perhaps he's aware of how much more he could make if he finally lives up to his potential this season.

With a talented crop of pass rushers around him and an ideal defensive system, there's no reason why Williams shouldn't be able to put together a career year in 2022, provided he stays healthy.

And if he does, his patience will likely be rewarded.