Woody Johnson's explosive Zach Wilson take is harsh, but accurate

Johnson's take correctly summarized the Jets' 2023 season
NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson
NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Even though it has become abundantly clear the NY Jets and former No. 2 pick Zach Wilson are going to part ways in the next few months, the first few weeks of the 2024 offseason have been spent reemphasizing that Wilson was the main reason everything went pear-shaped last season.

On top of the fact that coach Robert Saleh was bemoaning the fact he had to stick it out with Zach once again instead of leaning on Aaron Rodgers, owner Woody Johnson came out with an explosive quote in which he ripped Wilson up and down. According to Johnson, the Jets "didn't have" a backup quarterback this season, making it a top priority for next year to acquire one.

Jets fans who somehow remain convinced that Wilson will eventually turn into anything worth a damn in New York and believe every mistake he made was caused by poor line play and coaching around him were furious with Johnson being so direct. While it is silly for Johnson to say this about a player he is trying to trade, his assessment of last year isn't wrong.

Woody Johnson has correct take on Zach Wilson, 2023 NY Jets season

Keeping Wilson was not the issue. The issue was making him the unquestioned No. 2 quarterback behind someone who turned 40 in the regular season just one year after he was benched twice and alienated the entire locker room.

Wilson was better than he was last year, but that really isn't saying much, considering how horrid he was prior to that. For the second year in a row, one of the best defenses in the league had to watch the fruits of their labor wither away, thanks to one of the worst offenses the NFL has to offer.

While Wilson certainly wasn't helped by an offensive coordinator in Nathaniel Hackett, who has been openly outed as clueless or an offensive line that was both below-average and injured constantly, he was once again the main reason why this offense was unable to do much of anything, even at full strength.

A healthy Rodgers and a rebuilt offensive line could do wonders for the Jets, both inside and outside the locker room. While Wilson getting ripped by everyone on his way out of New York was a tough look, it's impossible not to blame him for a good chunk of what went wrong with last year's offense.