Woody Johnson getting coaching advice from Twitter is latest Jets clown show story

The Jets simply can't act normal ever
NY Jets, Woody Johnson
NY Jets, Woody Johnson / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The NY Jets were the subject of a fairly damning report from The Athletic that made it look like Robert Saleh isn't running a very tight ship behind the scenes. The losing and injuries clearly took a toll on them, and their postseason chances never recovered after the Achilles tear suffered by Aaron Rodgers.

Between Saleh looking paranoid after trying to find out who leaked the infamous Zach Wilson story to the media, Nathaniel Hackett's laughably inept performance as a play-caller and coordinator, and players being turned away by Saleh's love of Rodgers, the report paints a fairly damning picture.

While the front office seems to escape blame (in a way that makes you wonder where most of the sources in this report came from), loyal owner Woody Johnson is by no means above being ripped in this piece. The meddling owner from yesteryear has not gone away after the Rodgers deal.

According to The Athletic, Johnson would consume criticism from media and fans on Twitter, going so far as to present those tweets to Saleh in an attempt to jump-start the offense. The Jets added Aaron Rodgers, and two months later, the owner is crowdsourcing play-calling advice from random dudes on Twitter.

NY Jets owner Woody Johnson is crowdsourcing coaching advice from Twitter

Is it any wonder Saleh might be acting a bit paranoid? If your boss was telling you how to do your job based on the recommendations of Twitter users with 25 followers, wouldn't that create a somewhat hostile work environment full of micromanaging and lacking in trust?

Figuring out what exactly the problem with the Jets offense last season was a serious exercise in frustration. Was it so bad because Hackett was in over his skis, or did it not work because the quarterbacks couldn't get the job done? It seems like a bit of both, and Saleh didn't need fans on Twitter to tell him that.

On top of the fact the Jets have not seen a ton of success in the standings during the Johnson tenure, the constant meddling in football affairs has been one of the main reasons for New York's ineptitude. The successful organizations in this league simply do not have owners who act like this.

Only this franchise can add a player like Rodgers and then immediately have the most nauseating season in recent memory. With Johnson looking on Jets Twitter for play-calling advice, the clown show that is the Jets will continue to march on.