Why the NY Jets must take play calling away from Nathaniel Hackett

It's time for Robert Saleh to take control of his team and start holding people accountable
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett
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Nathaniel Hackett's complete misuse of the NY Jets' offensive personnel

For any fans that watch the game, it is clear Hackett has no real ability to utilize the talents on the field to their strengths, or at least remove them in spots where they may be weak. Let's just use Sunday night's game against Las Vegas as proof.

C.J. Uzomah has been one of the league's worst run-blocking tight ends all year. Coincidentally, the Jets have Jeremy Ruckert on the team, who happens to be one of the best run-blockers in the league.

On Sunday night, the Jets ran behind Uzomah twice in key spots. Both times he was called for a hold, one negating a red zone first down, one negating a touchdown.

Running back Breece Hall happens to be one of the most explosive players in the NFL, and when Breece Hall scores, the Jets always win. Literally, they are 8-0 when Breece Hall scores a touchdown in the last two years.

Nonetheless, the Jets rarely throw the ball to Breece Hall, leading Robert Saleh to say he "agrees, Breece needs to be more involved in the passing game" after a Week 10 loss. Week 10!

Garrett Wilson is one of the league's best wide receivers, on pace to top 100 catches for over 1,200 yards this year. However, Sunday night, Wilson clearly hurt his arm, sitting out a full series and receiving lots of attention from medical personnel for much of the game.

Hackett, seemingly unaware, had Wilson throw a double pass to Lazard, which predictably went sailing way out of bounds because Wilson could not grip or throw the ball with his injured arm.

Quarterback Zach Wilson has become an elite early down, play-action passer. Seriously, he's one of the NFL's best, and it's maybe the only good thing he does. Early Sunday night, the Jets hit a 41-yard pass play on a deep play-action cross to Garrett Wilson. They never came back to it the rest of the game.

Randall Cobb, despite statistically being the worst NFL receiver this year, played more than 50 percent of the snaps in the team's first seven games before finally being benched after the bye week.

At that same time, speedster Mecole Hardman and undrafted rookie Xavier Gipson barely got on the field. Gipson has had three catches for 56 yards in the last two weeks when he has finally started playing over Cobb.

Recently released Jets running back Michael Carter regressed yet again this year. He ranks as one of the bottom-tier backs in catch percentage, pass-block win rate, rushing yards over expected, and yards after contact.

The Jets also have Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook, who have graded out as two of the best pass blockers and run-after-catch running backs in the NFL this year.

Carter was getting almost all of the third-down opportunities prior to his release, costing the team big on Sunday night with an illegal chop block after a huge third-down conversion.

I think you get the point, right?