Why the NY Jets should trade for DeAndre Hopkins

NY Jets, DeAndre Hopkins
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4. Asking price

Arizona's current asking price is rumored to be a second-round pick, which the Jets just did pick up in the trade for Moore.

However, many have stated that the more reasonable trade package is closer to what Houston just received for Brandin Cooks — a fifth and future sixth-round pick. If Hopkins can be had for just a couple of Day 3 draft picks, this makes all the sense in the world for the Jets to explore.

Hopkins does come with a big price tag. He currently holds a $30 million cap hit, including a base salary of over $19 million. As with most trades, could the Jets include more draft capital to force Arizona to cover some or most of the salary cap hit? Probably, yes.

I think something like a fourth-rounder and a sixth-rounder could be the final deal, with Arizona also covering a portion of the salary owed to Hopkins. Moving that up to a third and sixth could get more of that salary covered too.

Beckham is a free agent this season. He would require the Jets to give up none of their draft capital. With the fear of giving up a lot of draft picks to acquire Rodgers, Beckham supporters could argue that giving up more for Hopkins might not be the best move. However, Beckham would certainly not be cheap.

Original reports suggested Beckham was seeking $15-20 million per year, on a multi-year deal. Beckham had many teams interested, and it seemed he might get that type of deal.

As teams have slowly filled out rosters though, Beckham's suitors have also begun to disappear. Recently, Beckham called the $15-20 million number false but suggested he wanted more than $4 million.

A final number could settle around $9-12 million, and probably a two-year deal with possible incentives tied in.

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When you take into account the difference in production, the relatively solid health of Hopkins over the years, and the likelihood Beckham brings the drama with him on and off the field, the minor differences in salary don't amount to much.