Why the NY Jets should trade for DeAndre Hopkins

NY Jets, DeAndre Hopkins
NY Jets, DeAndre Hopkins / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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3. DeAndre Hopkins fits the NY Jets better

The reason Hopkins earns my top spot on the list though is because of his seamless transition into the Jets' offense. At 6-foot-1 his ability to high point the football, make contested catches, and go over the top of defenders brings an added dimension to the offense, especially if Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball.

Additionally, this would allow Hopkins and Lazard, two big and physical wide receivers, to line up on the outside, and Garrett Wilson and Mecole Hardman to operate out of the slot. Imagine trying to defensively match up with those four across the field and the one-on-one matchups that Rodgers could pick apart.

What's really important for the Jets, though, is that this would allow Wilson to go back to his more natural position in the slot. Wilson is such a twitchy, fast athlete with exceptional shot bursts of speed, quickness, and agility.

Allowing him to use that in the short-to-intermediate routes that the slot features would be a huge upgrade for the offense instead of sending him on go routes or comebacks, which are usually seen on the outside of formations.

Signing Beckham would be pretty much signing an older version of Garrett Wilson. Both players are smaller, slighter in figure, and utilize crisp route running to create separation.

Beckham is past the days of blowing past corners on deep routes and lacks the true red-zone ability of someone like Hopkins or Lazard.

Where does he slide into formations? Most likely as a decoy on the outside, getting occasional targets on a week-to-week basis. Hopkins is just better at that skill.