What 2023 draft picks do the NY Jets have left after trading for Aaron Rodgers?

NY Jets, Roger Goodell
NY Jets, Roger Goodell / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The news that every NY Jets fan has been waiting for has finally broken. The Jets and the Green Bay Packers have finally agreed on a trade that will send future first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers to New York.

While fans can speculate the long-term effects this move will have on this season and the team's future as a whole for hours, it also has some immediate effects in this year's draft, starting later this week on April 27.

The Jets sent a haul over to Green Bay that includes a first-round pick swap this year, the 42nd overall pick acquired from the Browns in the Elijah Moore deal, and a sixth-rounder, as well as other future picks.

After all is said and done, they are still walking into the draft with a good amount of picks to help them build around their new QB. They are left with pick 15 in the first round, 43 in the second, 112 in the fourth, and both 143 and 170 in the fifth round.

Despite giving up a lot of picks, they are still left with multiple premium selections to help them pursue a Super Bowl.

What picks do the NY Jets have in the 2023 NFL Draft?

1. Round 1 Pick 15

2. Round 2 Pick 43

3. Round 4 Pick 112

4. Round 5 Pick 143

5. Round 5 Pick 170