Updated NFL Draft order: Where do the NY Jets pick after another blowout loss?

Where are the Jets slated to pick in the 2024 NFL Draft?
NY Jets, NFL Draft
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The NY Jets currently have just a one percent chance of making the NFL playoffs and barring an unforeseen turnaround offensively, it is difficult to predict many more wins coming. For reference, the Jets are currently 2.5 point underdogs to the 5-6 Atlanta Falcons at home on Sunday.

With that in mind, and assuming the Jets don't make a miraculous run, it is time for every Jets fan's favorite time of the year — NFL Draft preparation.

Before getting into mock drafts, I'm going to start outlining where the Jets are currently slotted to pick at this point and where they could end up come April's draft.

Where are the NY Jets currently picking in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Per NFL Tankathon, the Jets currently hold the eighth overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft courtesy of their NFL-worst four-game losing streak.

They are actually tied with multiple other teams, including the 4-7 Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Jets also have the same number of wins as the 4-8 Chicago Bears, New York Giants, and Washington Commanders.

The reason for the Jets selecting eighth currently is because of their extremely high strength of schedule when compared to other struggling teams, which makes sense when you consider how difficult their first few games were.

Where could the NY Jets end up picking in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Honestly, this team could struggle down the stretch, failing to win any games left on their schedule until they finally play the 2-9 New England Patriots in the final week of the season.

In the last few weeks, the Jets have been blown out by the 4-7 Chargers, 6-6 Buffalo Bills, and 8-3 Dolphins. They also lost a really ugly game to the 5-7 Las Vegas Raiders as well. With those results in mind, how could anyone realistically expect them to beat anyone left on their schedule?

For further evidence, the offense, which was bad to begin with, has gotten even worse the last month since the bye week. Since their week seven bye, the Jets point totals are 13 (in overtime), 6, 12, 6 and 13. That's 10 points per game! You simply cannot win in the modern NFL like that.

They still have to play the Dolphins in Miami again, as well as the surprising Houston Texans and the very good Cleveland Browns before the season ends. They also have the Falcons this week, who currently lead their division, as well as the Commanders and Patriots to end the season.

I personally do not see this team finishing above 5-12 this year, and it's easy to see them losing out and finishing at 4-13. Even at 5-12, this team could easily end up with a top-five draft pick and most certainly will finish in the top 10.

NY Jets options for the first-round pick

With that finish in mind, the NY Jets will have a lot of options with their pick. If they finish in the top five of the draft, elite players like receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. or tackles Joe Alt or Olumuyiwa Fashanu make tons of sense to immediately help this offense.

If they finish closer to the eighth pick where they currently are, star tight end Brock Bowers, receiver Malik Nabers, or Rome Odunze could be in play to provide a spark to the skill positions.

I would argue, though, that the best-case scenario for this team at the moment is if they finish 4-13 and end up with a top-three selection.

In that scenario, assuming the Arizona Cardinals are also selecting high and do not need a quarterback, the Jets could get a king's ransom for moving down with either Drake Maye or Caleb Williams still on the board and many teams needing a quarterback.

In that scenario, the Jets could recoup lost draft capital spent on getting Aaron Rodgers and also make multiple selections that improve the offense later in the first round, including tackle and receiver. The draft capital could also be used to make a splash trade, such as one for Davante Adams possibly.

No matter what the Jets do, one thing I do not think is an option is drafting a quarterback early in the first round. The Jets have too many other positions of need to maximize the final year or two of Aaron Rodgers' career.

Nonetheless, losing as many games as possible now might be the best way to compete for a championship next season.