Trey Lance pick is officially worse than NY Jets' Zach Wilson choice after trade

Wilson was a bad pick, but it could have been worse.
NY Jets, Trey Lance
NY Jets, Trey Lance / Loren Elliott/GettyImages

The 2021 NFL Draft quarterback class was once viewed as one of the best collections of talent in recent memory, but the class has not lived up to its collective hype. Zach Wilson and Trey Lance, taken by the NY Jets and San Francisco 49ers, respectively, are entering all-time bust territory.

While Trevor Lawrence appears to be the real deal after winning a playoff game with the Jaguars, Mac Jones followed up a solid rookie year with a noteworthy regression. Justin Fields ran for 1,100 yards last year, but the Bears are just 5-20 in games he has started in his career.

The Jets were mocked endlessly for taking Wilson No. 2 overall following a sterling college career at BYU. The arm talent was always there, but the flaws relating to his ability to process post-snap and inability to stay in the pocket ruined his prospects of becoming a franchise quarterback.

However, the 49ers selecting Lance No. 3 overall (after trading three first-round picks to move up from No. 12 overall) has officially been marked as a worse decision. Lance started just four games with the 49ers before they decided to bring an end to his time in the Bay Area.

Lance was traded to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for a fourth-round pick, essentially making the North Dakota State product the backup behind Dak Prescott with a small chance of succeeding him when his contract expires. Say what you will about Wilson, but at least he had some positives in New York.

Trey Lance is worse than NY Jets QB Zach Wilson

Wilson did very little right in New York, but there were at least some highs. Wilson had that bomb to the since-retired Corey Davis in that famous Titans win and orchestrated that strong start to the 2022 season before the wheels fell off. Can Lance say that?

Lance is an odd player, as he hasn't even thrown 700 passes in a live game setting (counting preseason) in high school, college, and the pros. Justin Herbert had more throws than that in 2022 alone! At least the Jets didn't give up three top picks (building a contender in Miami along the way) to get Wilson.

Lance could very well start thriving in Dallas, but his time in San Francisco was even more of an abject failure than what Wilson showed during his time in New York. John Lynch better thank whomever he prays to that he nailed it with the Fred Warner and Nick Bosa picks before the Lance move.