Travon Walker is a best-case scenario for the NY Jets in the 2022 NFL Draft

NY Jets, Travon Walker
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Travon Walker
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The questions about Travon Walker

Despite what feels like a sky-high ceiling, Walker is not without questions. Chief among these concerns is his ability to generate consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

The Georgia star had more than enough strength to have his way in college. And this trait should translate well to success in the NFL. However, it will be imperative that Walker further develops as a pass rusher.

Right now, it does not appear that Walker has a reliable method to get to the quarterback when pitted against linemen that can match his strength. The potential as an edge rusher is evident, but he has yet to take the expected leap in this area.

Travon Walker's fit with the NY Jets

So how does Walker fit on the NY Jets depth chart? In short, very well.

On paper, it would appear as though no team in the top five of the draft is better suited to maximize the top prospect's talent.'s scouting report notes that Walker will "need scheme help as an NFL rusher." Who better to provide assistance in this area than longtime defensive guru Robert Saleh?

Playing alongside pass-rushing specialist Carl Lawson and former top pick Quinnen Willaims would also make Walker's life easier. Established talent on the overall line would allow Walker to develop his craft without the risk of being double-teamed or schemed against.

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There are several different players worthy of the Jets' No. 4 overall pick. However, their best-case scenario would be to use their first draft selection to bring the former Bulldog superstar into the New York fold.