Tom Brady throws shade at NY Jets, doesn't want to own them

NY Jets, Tom Brady
NY Jets, Tom Brady / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady may have just out-Bradied himself in a recent dig at the NY Jets.

On the latest episode of the "Let's Go!" podcast with Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, the legendary quarterback talked about some of his favorite NFL moments from Week 6. One concerns fellow QB Aaron Rodgers in the Green Bay Packers/Chicago Bears matchup.

In the fourth quarter of the game, Rodgers extended the Packers' lead with a rushing touchdown, and he celebrated by yelling at Bears fans, "I still own you!"

Brady joked that Rodgers was "now a shareholder of the Bears," and extended his warm congratulations from one quarterback great to another.

When asked whether he would claim ownership of New York City, given Brady's 30-8 record against the Jets, Brady chuckled and said he would rather own the color green than own the Jets.

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady makes NY Jets fans hate him even more with latest quip

We kid you not. These were his exact words:

"Oh, no I'll just take the color green. I don't need the Jets. I'll just own the color green, I think that's a little bit better."

Tom Brady, proud non-owner of the Jets

Brady says, "" the same way one might decline a worm-filled mud pie made by a grinning toddler. Appreciate the thought,, not for me, thanks.

Somehow, Brady's polite decline was just as disrespectful to New York as Rodgers' ear-splitting taunts were to Chicago.

Brady in many ways represents everything antonymous with the Jets franchise: winning, charisma, consistency, winning again.

He's individually reached the playoffs more times than the Jets have in their entire franchise history: 18 times to 14.

He's also one of the most hated football players in America, especially by NY Jets fans. And there really was no shovel for Brady to dig himself out of the "ownership" hole.

Had he said yes, Jets fans would have been repulsed by someone like him claiming ownership over the franchise. The hashtag "#NotMyOwner" might even start trending on Twitter.

By outright refusing to "own" the Jets, though, Brady also fans the flames of Jets fans' deep-seated hatred toward him.

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Brady owns a podcast. He owns a few famous autographs and signed jerseys. But God forbid he owns the Jets franchise.