Tiki Barber slammed for spreading misinformation about NY Jets HC Robert Saleh

WFAN continues to reach embarrassing new lows...
NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

WFAN has reached a new low. Former NFL running back and "analyst" Tiki Barber shared a theory with his listeners as to why he believes NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh canceled Thursday's joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Not only was Barber's theory obviously absurd and implausible, but it directly spread false information about the Jets' head coach. Barber straight-up slandered Saleh live on air.

The Jets opted to cancel their second joint practice with the Buccaneers early in the week, with the first report coming from Brian Costello of the New York Post on Monday. This was notably before the Bucs even left to fly to New Jersey.

Instead, the Jets held a practice on their own in Florham Park on Thursday. Of course, Saleh, being the head coach of the team, was in attendance and even gave his typical post-practice press conference.

Despite this being easily-verifiable information that anyone commenting on the Jets should be aware of, Barber seemingly didn't get the memo. Or maybe he did, and he just felt like lying.

Tiki Barber's embarrassing comment about Robert Saleh and the NY Jets has rightfully received significant criticism

Barber insisted that the real reason the Jets canceled their joint practice was because Saleh was unable to be in attendance for the day and that the team didn't want to receive negative attention from "Hard Knocks."

Of course, we know this isn't true. Saleh was at practice on Thursday. He spoke to the media. Barber maintained that the Bucs were "already on their way" when the Jets canceled practice which, again, is another lie.

In fact, nothing Barber said in his imprudent, irresponsible minute-long rant even flirted with the concept of truth. He made it all up. He lied. He slandered Saleh's name to his listeners, many of whom, if they were ill-informed, probably believed him.

Barber has rightfully received criticism from seemingly every figure in the Jets community for his inane comments. Below is just a sample of the many individuals who have called out the former Giants running back.

If this is the state of WFAN, it's hard to know why anyone would choose to tune in and listen. Even Barber's co-host, Evan Roberts, proceeded to blast Barber's rant on Twitter, insisting that what he was saying was factual.

They aren't passing this off as a theory — they're declaring this is the truth. That's what makes this situation even worse.

This is embarrassing and downright harmful content from a radio station that has seen better days, to put it lightly. Do yourself a favor and get your fill of Jets/sports content elsewhere.