Thomas Morstead calls 'bulls—t' on Mecole Hardman's post-NY Jets comments

Morstead didn't hold back when discussing Hardman's comments
Mecole Hardman
Mecole Hardman / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Former NY Jets wide receiver Mecole Hardman ruffled a few feathers with his public comments about his former team back in February. One person who didn't take kindly to what Hardman said was Jets punter Thomas Morstead.

Hardman ripped the Jets' coaching staff, accusing them of lying to him about his place on the team while also criticizing the organization for their overreliance on Aaron Rodgers. More specifically, Hardman's most notable beef seemed to be with special teams coordinator Brant Boyer.

Hardman accused Boyer of misleading him about the starting punt returner job and of forcing him to play through a finger injury. His comments definitely didn't sit well with Morstead, who has spoken very highly of Boyer in the past.

Morstead took to social media shortly following Hardman's comments, eviscerating Hardman with a post that was very clearly aimed at the three-time Super Bowl champion. His post can be seen below.

In a recent appearance on "GoJo & Golic" this week, Morstead confirmed that his post was about Hardman and went into further detail regarding his thoughts on the situation.

Thomas Morstead rips Mecole Hardman for his 'bulls—t" remarks about the NY Jets

"I guess I’ll take the assumption out for people, [Hardman was] exactly what I was referencing. I just saw what he had to say about Coach Boyer and I knew what had happened. Coach is a big boy, he can stick up for himself. I just thought it was bulls—t. I just thought someone should say something."

Thomas Morstead

Morstead claims that he "knew what had happened" between Hardman and Boyer, claiming that what Hardman said was "bulls—t." He insists he didn't have to stick up for his coach, but that he felt something needed to be said.

Morstead has been very complimentary of Boyer in the past, even insisting this week that the Jets' special teams coordinator is one of the biggest reasons he's not only with the organization but still playing in the NFL.

Boyer is widely regarded as one of the most beloved and respected special teams coaches in the NFL. There's a reason he's survived three different regimes in New York.

Of course, it's impossible to say what truly happened between Hardman and the Jets. What we do know, however, is that both sides are clearly better off apart.

Hardman went back to Kansas City where he won his third Super Bowl ring while the Jets found an undrafted gem in Xavier Gipson who essentially took Hardman's job. Neither side should be bitter at this point.

Hardman is telling his side of the story while Morstead is sticking up for his coach. This will hopefully put an end to an unnecessary chapter in the Jets' offseason.