Thomas Morstead talks NY Jets OTA takeaways, working with Aaron Rodgers in interview

NY Jets, Thomas Morstead
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The NY Jets have recently completed their offseason workout program, and for punter Thomas Morstead, it was his first official spring spent with the organization. That said, he's no stranger to the Jets.

Morstead previously spent part of the 2021 season with the Jets, filling in for the injured Braden Mann. With Mann now gone, the Jets re-signed Morstead this offseason, and he's expected to serve as the team's punter this season.

Morstead has been to his fair share of OTAs. The 37-year-old specialist is entering his 15th year in the NFL, so he can certainly offer a unique perspective on NFL offseason workouts.

We sat down with Thomas back in April to discuss his return to the Jets and his many off-field charitable ventures. This time, we caught up with the longtime New Orleans Saints punter to talk about his takeaways from OTAs and any predictions he has for the Jets this season.

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Thomas Morstead on his experience at NY Jets OTAs

Justin Fried: "Before you fully dive in, give me some of your quick takeaways from the spring. What was the whole experience like for you?"

Thomas Morstead: "It was great. It's exciting. The team is building. Guys are getting to know each other. Obviously expectations are high, so it was really good."

JF: "Of course, you got to reunite with so many familiar faces this spring. Guys like Thomas Hennessy, Justin Hardee, and [special teams coordinator] Brant Boyer. What was it like seeing some of your old teammates and being back up at Florham Park again?

TM: "It was great. I would just stay with Hennessy or Boyer when I was up there, so that was nice of those guys. The biggest reason I came back was just being around those guys. The people you work with have more to do with your enjoyment of your work than anything. Excited to be around those guys more."

JF: "Now, you were with the Jets in 2021. That team won 4 games. I think it goes without saying that there are different aspirations for the team this season. Have you noticed a different vibe with the team this spring? Any noticeable differences between your first stint and now?"

TM: "Just being in Miami last year, I noticed a difference with the team when we played against them. There are obviously a lot of familiar faces, but it's a totally different team. We're definitely building things in the right direction. I'm just super excited to be along for the ride and hopefully contribute when called upon."

Thomas Morstead on working with Aaron Rodgers, Sauce Gardner, and others

JF: "I feel like I have to ask this one. You’ve had the privilege of playing with some great quarterbacks throughout your NFL career, of course, Drew Brees comes to mind. What’s it been like working alongside Aaron Rodgers this spring?"

TM: "I don't know if I'd say working alongside other than a little gym action, but he's a guy who elevates the energy. There's an aura. He's different than Drew, but similar in the fact that the level of expectation from everyone just automatically rises when he's on the field. I'm sure part of that has to do with the fact that you legitimately feel like you have a chance every Sunday, and that's super exciting."

JF: "Rodgers isn’t the only new high-profile teammate of yours. In your year away from the Jets last season, they added quite a few young and talented players. We’re taking Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, of course, Breece [Hall] is still working his way back from injury. What’s it been like seeing those guys out there every day?}

TM: "You can just see the talent, there's talent everywhere. There's a good vibe in the locker room. The way the guys get along with each other, there's a lot of banter. It's a nice place to be. Guys can be themselves. There's nothing like it."


Thomas Morstead on being 'the guy' at punter

JF: "Things are a little different for you this time. In your first stint with the Jets, you were basically brought in to hold down the fort while Braden Mann was injured. This time, you’re the guy. You’re the only punter on the roster. Does that kinda change your mindset at all, or are you going in with the same approach?"

TM: "As far as the way I do things, it doesn't change anything. But as far as planning with family, it's a big change. We're moving up there for the fall as a family, which we weren't really able to do before. I'm really excited about that. It's a new family experience. But at the end of the day, if you're not playing well and holding up your end of the bargain, they're going to find someone else. Just because no one else is on the roster doesn't mean a damn thing to me. But it is a vote of confidence about what the expectation is for me. That's exciting to have."

Thomas Morstead on NY Jets' Super Bowl aspirations

JF: "You know what it’s like to be on a Super Bowl-winning team. You’ve been there, you’ve done that. Looking at this roster, being with the guys this spring, do you think this Jets team has what it takes to win the Super Bowl this year?"

TM: "Yeah! The team has all the pieces needed to have a shot, but that doesn't mean anything. We could go 7-10 this year if we don't handle business. We have to have an attitude that we're building a new house. We have to build a new foundation. Just because the defense was really good last year doesn't mean anything this year. We have to go out and earn it. That goes for every group and every player. So I would say yes, tempering that with, we haven't done anything yet. We have to go out and earn it. If we collectively have the right mindset about it, that it's going to be a long and difficult journey, then that'll maybe give us a chance. If everybody gets obsessed in that process, we'll have a really good shot at the end of the year."

Thomas Morstead on his plans until NY Jets training camp begins

JF: "Alright so you’ve probably got about 6ish weeks until training camp starts next month. Do you have any big plans for the next month or so? How are you spending your time off?"

TM: "Just spending time with family, being outside. Swimming, doing some hiking, and biking. Getting away from technology. I'm really looking forward to just being able to relax and enjoy each other."

Thomas Morstead talks NY Jets return and answers fan questions in interview. Thomas Morstead talks NY Jets return and answers fan questions in interview. dark. Next