The Jet Press Podcast: LIVE Aaron Rodgers trade reaction

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Monday was a busy day. The NY Jets officially finalized their trade for Aaron Rodgers, ending months of speculation, deliberation, and anticipation. The saga is over. Rodgers is headed to Florham Park.

Justin Fried and Mike Luciano reacted live to the Rodgers trade moments after it all went down on Monday in an impromptu episode of The Jet Press Podcast.

Instead of the usual varied show featuring numerous topics, Justin and Mike solely focused on the Rodgers trade...for obvious reasons. It was a special day for Jets fans, to say the least.

The community was alive and well, as Justin and Mike celebrated the momentous occasion with those in chat. They broke down what this means for the Jets' organization in 2023 and moving forward.

Justin and Mike also discussed who got the better of the exchange. Did the Jets give up too much? Did the Packers not get enough? Was it a fair deal? The full details of the trade were analyzed.

Questions were then raised about how this could impact the Jets' plans in both the 2023 NFL Draft and the remainder of free agency. Does this change what the Jets might do in the draft? Does it make them more likely to trade down? What about the current players on the roster?

We'll be back with our regularly scheduled show on Wednesday as Justin and Mike embark on their pre-draft special complete with mock drafts, big boards, and everything NFL Draft.

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