The Jet Press Podcast: Aaron Rodgers drama, Haason Reddick absence, D.J. Reed contract

  • Where is Aaron Rodgers?
  • How does the Haason Reddick situation end?
  • D.J. Reed extension?
  • Todd Downing calling plays on offense
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

In the latest episode of The Jet Press Podcast, Justin Fried and Mike Luciano discuss the latest Aaron Rodgers drama, whether the NY Jets will extend Haason Reddick, D.J. Reed's contract situation, Nathaniel Hackett, and more.

The show started with the topic of the day which is, unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers' absence from mandatory minicamp this week. Jets head coach Robert Saleh confirmed that Rodgers was not in attendance at minicamp due to a "trip" that he cleared with the team ahead of time.

The Jets don't seem to care about Rodgers' absence. The players don't seem to care either. So should Jets fans? Justin and Mike discuss the Rodgers situation, why it isn't a big deal, and why the Jets and Rodgers are getting treated differently.

What might be a more important situation is everything going on with Haason Reddick. The Rodgers drama has managed to overshadow the biggest story coming out of Jets minicamp which is the absence of the team's prized offseason addition.

Reddick seems to want a new contract, but will the Jets give it to him before the start of the season? Is the Jets' plan to let Reddick walk at the end of the year? What will be the resolution to this entire situation?

Another player looking for a new contract is cornerback D.J. Reed, who told reporters on Wednesday that the ball is in the Jets' court as far as an extension is concerned. Justin and Mike, however, have their doubts that Reed will actually be extended.

Finally, Jets passing game coordinator Todd Downing was spotted calling offensive plays during a two-minute drill in practice on Wednesday. Could Downing potentially take Nathaniel Hackett's job? Will the Jets rotate play-callers?

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