Exclusive interview with Baylor LB Terrel Bernard: NY Jets interest, Senior Bowl, more

NY Jets, Terrel Bernard
NY Jets, Terrel Bernard / Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
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NY Jets, Terrel Bernard
NY Jets, Terrel Bernard / Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Favorite hobbies outside of football

JF: "Now, before we go, I wanted to end this with a couple of quick-hitter questions. Just some fun questions to keep it light. What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of football?"

TB: "I recently got into painting. It's something that I did during COVID, just trying to find something to do. Watching Bob Ross videos, things like that. That's one of the main things I like to do now in my free time.

JF: "Oh man, are you selling any art? Hosting any art exhibitions, or is that down the line?"

TB: [Laughs] "Nah that's down the line man, I got to get a little bit better."

JF: "I love it! You got a football player entering the NFL with a master's degree who watches Bob Ross videos and loves to paint. That's awesome." [laughs]

TB: [Laughs] "For sure, man."

Go-to karaoke song

JF: "Finally, what is your go-to karaoke song? Not necessarily your favorite song, but if I gave you a mic right now and said you have to sing — one that'd be weird, I don't know why I'd do that."

TB: [laughs]

JF: [laughs] "But two, what would that song be?"

TB: "Probably 'Miss Me' by Drake. That was my favorite song in junior high. I know pretty much every word to that one."

JF: "There you go. I feel like we're about the same age group because that was my junior high years as well. [laughs] Alright Terrel, I really appreciate you taking the time and I want to wish you the best of luck with the draft later this month, I know you have busy few weeks. Hopefully you end up with the Jets, but either way man, I really appreciate you taking the time."

TB: "Yes sir, I appreciate it. Thank you for having me on."

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