Exclusive interview with Idaho State WR Tanner Conner: NY Jets interest, playing TE, and more

NY Jets, Tanner Conner
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NY Jets, Tanner Conner
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Trying to karaoke EDM?

JF: "Right, for sure. Finally, what is your go-to karaoke song? So not your favorite song, but if I gave you a mic right now and said you had to sing, what would you sing?"

TC: "It's weird because I'm not big into music like that. Here's one thing that's really interesting about me. Nobody would ever guess this, but my favorite type of music is EDM. My mind is very analytically driven and so there's a lot of stuff going on in my head. For whatever reason, the fast-paced music that is EDM tends to calm my mind down a lot. I listen to it all the time when I'm playing video games or working out because it silences a lot of the stuff going on in my head because I'm constantly thinking. There really aren't a lot of songs that I know the lyrics to which is weird. I listen to music, but I don't listen to the lyrics, I listen to how it sounds. So if you told me to sing karaoke, I would struggle. I can probably do some Linkin Park songs. I'm really into heavy metal/rock as well. Any kind of Linkin Park song, I'd be able to karaoke it pretty well."

JF: "Alright yeah Linkin Park works. EDM is definitely one of those genres that you really can't karaoke to."

TC: "Yeah, and it has a bad reputation too. I listen to specific types that just kind of quiet my mind and keep my mind busy while I'm doing other stuff. It works really well for me."

JF: "No that definitely makes sense. Music that's very sound-driven and not lyrics-focused is really good to keep your mind focused and keep you on track with what you're doing. I know a lot of people who write who do the same thing."

TC: "Yeah, for sure."

JF: Alright man that's all I have. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this and I want to wish you the best of luck with everything coming up with the draft, and hopefully you end up in New York. Who knows, we'll see."

TC: "Yeah man, I really appreciate the opportunity and I'd love to be up in New York. Whatever team has the best fit for me, I know I'll be fine. I'm excited for the draft. It'll be a cool story at the end of the journey."

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