Steve Young's Zach Wilson trade idea makes no sense for either party

The Jets shouldn't make this move, as it helps no one
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The NY Jets need to figure out what the offensive line is going to look like above all else this offseason, but the team also needs to come up with a concrete plan of how to dispose of former No. 2 pick Zach Wilson. A trade for a Day 3 pick seems like the going rate.

Hall of Fame quarterback and former BYU star Steve Young, who has connections to Wilson and his family, has a perfect spot lined up for him. However, surrounding factors could make that deal less likely to happen.

On Adam Schefter's podcast, Young advocated for Wilson to be traded to the Los Angeles Rams, hinting that learning behind Matthew Stafford and (possibly) Carson Wentz in Sean McVay's system could be the best thing for him. This deal makes sense only if you ignore logic.

NY Jets must refuse Steve Young's Zach Wilson to Rams trade idea

There are three parties involved in this deal between the Rams, the Jets, and Wilson himself. At the risk of being curmudgeonly, it seems like all three players in this transaction could come out worse for wear.

The Rams run an offense based on timing and methodical execution in the passing game. It's what has McVay such a genius that everyone in the NFL is trying to hire his assistants. Wilson's nervousness in the pocket made him ineffective when he was starting with the Jets, so why would he thrive with the Rams?

The Jets wouldn't benefit from this move much, either. The Rams aren't so desperate for a quarterback that they would give New York anything more than a Day 3 pick for Wilson. The Jets need to further examine the market for Wilson instead of making a deal just to get him out of town.

Wilson himself would probably hate this move as well. There was clear friction between LaFleur and Wilson over his first two seasons, and these old wounds likely haven't fully mended by now. Sure, learning under Stafford could be cool, but why have Stafford's other backups all been bad when they replaced him?

The best plan of action for the Rams next year would be running it back with Stafford as the top dog and Wentz as the backup, as he can at least run an NFL offense and produce enough splash plays to keep defenses honest. Unless Wilson will be in street clothes as QB3 (and why would you trade for that), this deal makes little sense.