Shannon Sharpe humiliates NY Jets' QB Zach Wilson with brutal 'First Take' quote

Zach Wilson is once again in the crosshairs of the media
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Al Pereira/GettyImages

It is open season once again on NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, as the cavernous drop-off in play when compared to Aaron Rodgers has Jets fans irate that their Super Bowl dreams have evaporated. The national media is upset that Wilson is once again back in the national spotlight.

While Wilson played well in the first half against the Dallas Cowboys, he finished the game completing just 12 of his 27 passes and throwing three interceptions in a 30-10 loss. In terms of passer rating, this game featured the second-worst mark of Wilson's career. Only his four-interception game against New England in career start No. 2 was worse.

The talking heads on TV, like ESPN's Shannon Sharpe, are not as willing to let Wilson figure things out on the fly as some Jets fans might be. Sharpe thinks so little of Wilson that he put him down with one of the more humiliating quotes you'll hear all season long.

Sharpe said that Wilson "couldn't play dead in a horror movie" after his poor showing against Dallas. Sharpe also believes that there is almost nothing he can do to convince the locker room of his talents due to how bad his past two seasons in New York were.

Shannon Sharpe rips NY Jets QB Zach Wilson

In 24 career games, Wilson has thrown just 17 touchdowns against 22 interceptions while completing just 55% of his passes. While the Jets have sworn up and down that he has improved, the turnovers against looked like the same overwhelmed rookie from years past.

If Wilson wants to win back some of his doubters, he needs to be an effective game-manager who completes a high percentage of his passes and doesn't turn the ball over. Unfortunately, he hasn't shown the ability to do that in his professional career.

While that loss was by no means just on him, as the offensive line put together a pitiful performance and neither Breece Hall nor Dalvin Cook did anything positive with their limited touches, the fact that Micah Parsons was open in his disrespect of Wilson shows that he is not a feared quarterback at this point in his career.

Wilson is once again a laughingstock, and he'll need to play the best football he's ever played in his career under some extremely adverse circumstances if he is to make himself a respected quarterback in the eyes of the league and the media.