Sauce Gardner hints at release date for new NY Jets jerseys

Only a couple of more weeks, Jets fans

Sauce Gardner
Sauce Gardner / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The NY Jets announced in February their plan to introduce a new uniform set in 2024. This comes just five years after the team went through their most recent re-brand, only this time, the hope is that these new uniforms bring a bit more success with them.

The Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos have already announced their planned release dates for their new uniforms, Apr. 18 and 22, respectively. For whatever reason, the Jets haven't made their release date public just yet, however.

Needless to say, many Jets fans have been restless, waiting to know the day they can get their hands on some new Jets merchandise. Now, we might have our answer.

Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner responded to a fan on social media who asked when the Jets' new jerseys would be released. Gardner told fans to "stay tuned in a couple of weeks." That's good news for Jets fans who are tired of waiting.

NY Jets fans should see their team's new uniforms very soon

The Jets announced in February a plan to make their "Legacy" uniforms, released last season, a permanent fixture of their wardrobe in 2024. The expectation is that the Jets will be reverting to more of a throwback look with their new jerseys.

Fans and players have praised the slick look of the new throwback uniform set that is intended to be a modernized take on the team's Sack Exchange jerseys worn in the 1980s. While the Jets did go 1-1 in these jerseys last season, neither game is associated with a particularly positive outcome.

These are the jerseys the Jets were wearing when Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles, and they're also the jerseys the team wore during their heartbreaking Sunday Night Football loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Jets are hoping that happier times are ahead for both the organization and their jerseys. It'll be hard to be much worse than the team's track record in their previous uniform set over the last five years.

Gardner's insistence that the new uniforms will be released in "a couple of weeks" aligns with the release dates of both the Lions and Broncos. Expect the Jets to release their new uniforms around the same time, likely somewhere between Apr. 15 and 25.

The wait is almost over, Jets fans.