Ryan Leaf warns Derek Carr about the 'dysfunctional' NY Jets

NY Jets, Derek Carr
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Infamous NFL Draft bust Ryan Leaf has made it abundantly clear over the last few months that he is not a fan of the NY Jets' organization. He's roasted the franchise, fan base, Zach Wilson, and everything in between, primarily on social media.

Leaf previously roasted the Jets for drafting the so-called "Mormon Ryan Leaf," saying "it's what the Jets do." In that same Twitter interaction, Leaf insisted that he's "had a better life than Jets fans the last decade, and [he] spent three of those years in prison."

Simply put, Leaf is no stranger to criticizing and openly mocking the Jets' organization. He continued his tirade against Gang Green on Wednesday, once again in a post on Twitter.

Craig Carton said on a recent episode of The Carton Show that the Jets should be the preferred destination for Derek Carr this offseason, citing Carr's need for stability.

"Derek Carr has been in a dysfunctional organization his entire career, he needs some stability. The New York Jets should be the preferred destination for him."

Craig Carton

Leaf took umbrage with Carton's comments insisting that there is no more dysfunctional organization in the NFL than the Jets. He went as far as to suggest that they will be searching for a new quarterback and head coach this time next year.

"Is this satire?? If there is a more dysfunctional organization it’s the Jets. A year from now they’ll once again be searching for a new HC and a QB like every three years the last decade."

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf seemingly believes Derek Carr should stay far away from the NY Jets

Leaf is relying on recent history for his claims about the Jets, and in that respect, he isn't entirely wrong. The Jets have cycled through quarterbacks and head coaches at an alarming rate over the last few decades.

From Todd Bowles to Adam Gase, from Sam Darnold to Zach Wilson, the Jets haven't exactly been a model of stability in recent years. Leaf has a point in that regard.

That said, there are reasons to believe that things are different now. For starters, this is likely the best roster the Jets have had since their AFC Championship Game appearances over a decade ago.

The only reason for that lack of stability right now is the absence of a quality quarterback. Carr would obviously change that. He might not be Patrick Mahomes, but the Jets would have been a playoff-caliber team with Carr at the helm this past season. That much seems pretty clear.

Leaf's argument against the Jets relies solely on history, whereas Carton is looking at it from a present-day perspective.

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With Carr looking for a new organization this offseason, he can certainly do a lot worse than the Jets, regardless of what Leaf believes.