Did Robert Saleh and Woody Johnson get into a 'very heated conversation' at NFL meetings?

What the heck is happening now?

Robert Saleh and Woody Johnson
Robert Saleh and Woody Johnson / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

NY Jets owner Woody Johnson has been in the news quite a bit in recent days — something that's rarely a good thing for sports owners. That trend continued on Wednesday.

NFL Media's Colleen Wolfe reported on Tuesday's episode of the Around the NFL podcast that Johnson and Jets head coach Robert Saleh got into "a very heated conversation" at the NFL owners meetings this week.

Wolfe reports that while the conversation shouldn't necessarily be described as an "argument," things did get "a little awkward" between the two Jets decision-makers. However, there might be more to this story.

SNY's Connor Hughes later disputed Wolfe's report, insisting that "no verbal argument" occurred between Saleh and Johnson at the event.

Perhaps this is a case of semantics, considering the phrase "heated conversation" can be interpreted in multiple ways. Either way, it doesn't appear to be a serious situation.

NY Jets fans shouldn't worry about supposed Robert Saleh, Woody Johnson debate

Johnson's name has been making the rounds in Jets headlines in recent days. The team owner shot down the idea that the Jets could release Zach Wilson when speaking to reporters at the NFL owners meetings on Monday.

Of course, it's hard to take anything Johnson says seriously, considering the fact that he publicly trashed Wilson and threw him under the bus just six weeks ago. Johnson's latest comments were likely little more than damage control after he tanked Wilson's trade value last month.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio also reported this week that there's speculation Johnson has interfered in trade discussions regarding Wilson. Florio is reporting that some believe Johnson has personally rejected trade offers for Wilson with the hope that the Jets can receive more.

Johnson has denied any such claims, but that hasn't prevented his name from being out of the limelight. That said, there's no reason to be concerned about this latest report.

There's no evidence that whatever discussion Saleh and Johnson may or may not have had is anything noteworthy. As Hughes notes, it's also hard to believe that Saleh would lose his cool — essentially for the first time in his Jets career — in a room filled with NFL coaches, executives, and media.

The Jets have more pressing matters to be concerned about than another unnecessary and unfounded report about supposed drama within the organization. This is a non-story.