Robert Saleh drops all-time quote about how the NY Jets 'suck'

Robert Saleh hears his critics

Robert Saleh
Robert Saleh / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh knows the pressure is on for his team in 2024. Saleh is fully aware that another disappointing season could mean the end of his time with the organization.

He's also aware that, despite how much positive press the Jets might receive in the offseason, the team has consistently fallen short in the regular season. Offseason hype doesn't necessarily yield positive results on the field.

It's that mindset that prompted Saleh to drop one of the best quotes a Jets head coach has uttered perhaps since the days of Rex Ryan. It's a quote that will likely be used against him in some capacity in the future, but it's also one we can laugh at and enjoy right now.

Speaking at the NFL's annual owners meetings on Monday, Saleh acknowledged his critics while recognizing the pressure he and the Jets are under to succeed.

"When you lose, you're a loser. I suck, [GM Joe Douglas] sucks, we all suck. It goes with the territory, but the best thing we can do is put our heads down and ... go to work. All the feel-good stuff for the offseason doesn't matter. We've got to win football games, and when we win football games all the narratives will change."

Robert Saleh

NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh is feeling the pressure heading into 2024

Saleh is aware of the pressure that comes with coaching in New York. He's heard all the criticism. He's privy to the constant hate and negativity. Saleh isn't living under a rock — he hears the complaints.

That's why he emphasized the importance of winning football games. Saleh is right, after all. The only thing that will change the narrative around the Jets organization is winning.

The Jets can "win" all the offseasons they want. They can trade for Aaron Rodgers, put together historical draft classes, and make all the wise, financially-savvy moves in the world, but unless they start winning football games, nothing is going to change.

Jets owner Woody Johnson previously amplified the pressure on Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas when speaking at the NFL Honors event last month.

Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction with his team's recent losing seasons, and although he stopped short of issuing an official playoff mandate, the expectations for 2024 are understood. Failing to reach the postseason for a 14th consecutive season would be an unmitigated disaster.

Robert Saleh understands the assignment. He also understands the pressure associated with his job and the inevitable reaction from fans if his team falls short of expectations.

He's self-aware — you have to give him that. Now, just like Saleh said, it's all about getting results on the field.