Remembering the time PFF blasted the NY Jets for drafting Breece Hall over Malik Willis

After over two years of letting the take breathe, we remember when PFF mocked the Jets for selecting Breece Hall over Malik Willis
Breece Hall
Breece Hall / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

"You're the Jets. You suck." These are the eloquent words of Pro Football Focus's George Chahrouri as he blasted the NY Jets for selecting Breece Hall early in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

He even went as far as to suggest that the Jets should have drafted former Liberty University quarterback Malik Willis. Just listen to the take for yourself.

Now that we have witnessed two full seasons, enough time has passed to judge this take. Chahrouri insists that the Jets selecting a running back so high was an inherently bad pick, and he very specifically identifies Malik Willis as the alternative they should have considered.

Unfortunately for PFF here, that take did not age well. Willis was evidently the wrong QB to use as an example.

Today, Breece Hall is one of the three most important offensive players on a serious playoff contender. Meanwhile, Malik Willis is fighting with Mason Rudolph for the second-string QB position in Tennessee.

It's safe to say that things have worked out a lot better for Hall than for Willis. While Hall gears up to carry the load for a Super Bowl-hopeful squad, Willis is just hoping he has a job come the start of the season.

Chahrouri's logic does track in terms of drafting based on positional value, with the running back position typically being a significantly low-valued role, but he also trips over his own logic later on in the rant.

While making the argument that the Jets are a horrendous football team, he says, "You took Breece Hall at the top of the second round, as one of the worst teams? You need everything. You literally need every position."

Well based on that logic, why would you expect the draft to solve all your team's problems? If they truly needed "every position," then they weren't going to fix literally every position with the seven picks they made in 2022 anyway.

At that point, take the best available player so you can strengthen as many units as you can. Then via trade and free agency, you address the rest.

He also claims that they "used a premium pick on a running back." Keep in mind that while it was an early second-round pick, it was the fourth selection the Jets were making.

They filled three holes with three first-round picks, all of which are now significant impact players in Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, and Jermaine Johnson. There's no reason not to take a running back at that point if you really love his potential.

Breece Hall has been much more successful than Malik Willis in the NFL

And Hall definitely lived up to that potential, averaging 4.8 yards per attempt thus far in his career. Despite an injury in his rookie year setting him back, the start to his NFL career has been a successful one.

The Jets are certainly thrilled to have him on their team. Looking back, I bet the Titans wish they could have selected Breece Hall instead of Malik Willis.

Hall was a monster coming out of Iowa State. In three full seasons with the Cyclones, Hall finished with just under 4,667 yards from scrimmage.

In each of his last two seasons, he finished with 23 touchdowns rushing and receiving. He was clearly a future NFL asset at the very least, and in 2022, the Jets were looking for assets. They weren't looking to follow PFF dogma on each pick.

Hall's combination of speed and strength is truly unique. Watching highlights of him in college is astounding. It's no wonder why the Jets war room was eager to get him in the door before someone else scooped him up later in the second round.

Willis, on the other hand, though a talented player, was no one's definition of a no-brainer pick. He couldn't hack it at it Auburn, so he had to transfer to Liberty in order to shine.

While he put up reasonably impressive numbers there, there's a reason he was drafted in the third round at an incredibly high-value position. Most QBs with seemingly any hope to be a future starter, get taken in the first and second rounds.

It doesn't feel fair to be taking so many ricochet shots at Malik Willis. No one is blaming him for George Chahrouri's bad take. But unfortunately, he has to get caught up in the crossfire.

It's always easy to take shots at the Jets. We all know this, and we all know why — and typically it is justified. But Joe Douglas has earned the right for the collective football world to respect his judgment.

He hasn't been perfect by any means, but he has put together an extremely talented roster. Just think about those first four picks in 2022. Every single one of them has been a hit.

For right now, Jets fans can laugh at the haters' old takes. Who knows how long that will last? But while it does last, they can enjoy these moments.

There haven't been many times in Jets history where they have made so many good decisions in a short period of time, but you can certainly say that they have for the past two seasons.

With Breece Hall and the Jets thriving, and Willis struggling to maintain employment, PFF will have to take the L on this one.