Ranking the top 10 wide receivers in NY Jets history

From Don Maynard to Brandon Marshall, here is our list of the greatest wide receivers in New York Jets history.
NY Jets, Wayne Chrebet
NY Jets, Wayne Chrebet / Lou Capozzola-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Wayne Chrebet, WR, NY Jets

Wayne Chrebet, a fan favorite, epitomized the underdog story. Despite going undrafted, he became one of the Jets' most beloved receivers during his tenure from 1995 to 2005. Known for his toughness, reliable hands, and clutch performances, Chrebet consistently made big plays in crucial moments.

After graduating from small Garfield High School in New Jersey, Chrebet would go on to attend Hofstra University on Long Island. Because of this history, fans immediately took to Chrebet, although his story to Jets lore was far more complicated than that.

Chrebet went undrafted, was cut from a Canadian football team, and barely made the practice squad for the Jets as a walk-on. He was only afforded a chance to try out because the Jets were practicing at the time at Hofstra University. What Chrebet would go on to do was nothing short of incredible.

In his 11 seasons with the team, Chrebet would rack up 580 catches, 7,365 yards, and 41 touchdowns. He ranks third all-time in Jets receiving yards, second in catches, and third in touchdowns. He played in 152 games, all with the Jets.

Despite never making a Pro Bowl or an All-Pro team, Chrebet was the true heart and soul of the team across his 11 seasons. He always did the dirty work, always made the tough catches, always made the big plays, and never backed down from the moment.

Chrebet would make the playoffs four times, bringing in 19 catches for 262 yards and a pair of scores.