Ranking the top 10 wide receivers in NY Jets history

From Don Maynard to Brandon Marshall, here is our list of the greatest wide receivers in New York Jets history.
NY Jets, Wayne Chrebet
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4. Al Toon, WR, NY Jets

Al Toon was a dominant force for the Jets in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Despite a career cut short by injuries, Toon's impact cannot be understated. He possessed exceptional hands, precise route-running, and the ability to make tough catches in traffic. Toon was a three-time Pro Bowler and still holds several Jets' receiving records.

Toon played all seven seasons of his career with the Jets, the first on this list to do so. He would make the Pro Bowl in three straight seasons, from 1986-1988, and earn two All-Pro nominations in 1986 and 1988. Just those awards alone would earn him a spot in the top four.

Toon's stats further demonstrate his elite play with the team. He finished his career with 517 catches, 6605 yards, and 31 touchdowns. His three-year stretch from 1986-1988 showed how dominant he was at his peak. In just those three seasons, Toon racked up 246 catches, 3,219 yards, and 18 touchdowns.

Toon would make the playoffs three times in his seven-year career, bringing in 26 catches for 330 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, because of injuries later in his career, Toon was forced to retire at just 29 years old following the 1992 season.

Had Toon had more time to continue to rack up stats, he could have made even more of an impact. Toon was still at the top of his game in the 1991 season, and fans are forced to wonder how much longer he could have played at a high level without the injuries.