Ranking the top 10 safeties in NY Jets history

From Victor Green to Jamal Adams, we look at the best safeties in Jets history
NY Jets, Kerry Rhodes
NY Jets, Kerry Rhodes / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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4. Bill Baird, S, NY Jets

Bill Baird, a key member of the Jets' defense during the 1960s, played for the team from 1963 to 1969. He was known for his versatility, as he could excel both as a safety and a linebacker.

Baird's toughness, range, and ability to defend the pass and run made him a respected figure in the Jets' secondary.

Baird is also the second Super Bowl-winning safety to crack the list of Jets' greats. Baird was the starting free safety for the Jets in the 1968 Super Bowl, making a difference in shutting down the Baltimore Colts offense.

Baird was one of the great free safeties not just in Jets history, but arguably all of NFL history. Across his seven seasons with the Jets, Baird managed to intercept 34 passes in just 98 games.

We won't dive into the math again, but Baird was one of the better ball-hawks on a per-game basis in NFL history.

Baird finished his Jets career with an AV (approximate value as calculated by Pro Football Reference) of 48, placing him above other Jets players on this list, including Kerry Rhodes (40), Darrol Ray (33), Jim Hudson (28), Erik Coleman (21), and Eric Smith (20).