Ranking the top 10 safeties in NY Jets history

From Victor Green to Jamal Adams, we look at the best safeties in Jets history
NY Jets, Kerry Rhodes
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5. Dainard Paulson, S, NY Jets

Dainard Paulson marks the halfway point of the list and is one of the first true "center fielders" in Jets history. Paulson had a unique ability throughout his career to range into the deep middle of the field and intercept passes from opposing quarterbacks. He finished his career just before the 1968 Super Bowl-winning team.

Paulson played all six seasons with the Jets, retiring at just 29 years old — common for the time. Paulson is also in the unique position of being one of the handful of Jets to play both as a New York Titan and as a New York Jet when the team made the switch following the 1962 season.

For his career, Paulson played in 84 games, starting 78 of them with the team. He recorded 29 career interceptions in just six seasons, and somehow that included zero interceptions in the entire 1966 season, which would be his last.

In other words, in just 70 games, Paulson managed to pick off 29 passes for a staggering .41 passes per game!

For comparison, Rod Woodson, one of the greatest cornerbacks of all time who ranks third in all-time interceptions, finished his career with 71 interceptions across 238 games, for a total of only .30 passes per game intercepted. Darrelle Revis, the greatest cornerback in Jets history, also intercepted 29 passes in his career, but he played in double the games (145) as Paulson.

If the shocking interception total wasn't enough, Paulson also made the Pro Bowl in both the 1964 and 1965 seasons and made the second-team All-Pro team in both seasons. It was in the 1964 season when he intercepted 12 passes, still the most in Jets history for a single season.