Ranking the top 10 safeties in NY Jets history

From Victor Green to Jamal Adams, we look at the best safeties in Jets history
NY Jets, Kerry Rhodes
NY Jets, Kerry Rhodes / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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The safety position is a crucial component of any successful defense, and the NY Jets have been fortunate to witness the talents of exceptional safeties throughout their storied history. From hard-hitting enforcers to ball-hawking playmakers, these safeties have significantly impacted the Jets' defense.

Like many of the other top-10 lists I have compiled over the last few weeks, one of the biggest challenges was weighing how long a player spent with the franchise compared to statistical production.

Was it better to play six seasons with the Jets but fail to reach a Pro Bowl or make an All-Pro team, or only spend three seasons here but be at peak performance?

Another difficulty when looking at the safety position was comparing strong and free safeties. The talents and production from the two spots look far different.

A successful free safety is someone patrolling the middle of the field, racking up passes defended and interceptions. However, a good strong safety might never intercept a pass but be a difference maker in the box, racking up tackles and quarterback hits.

With that said, this article will explore the top 10 safeties in New York Jets' history, celebrating their skills, leadership, and contributions to the franchise. Enjoy!