Ranking the top 10 running backs in NY Jets history

From Curtis Martin to Matt Snell, here are the 10 best running backs in New York Jets history
NY Jets, Curtis Martin
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3. Emerson Boozer, RB, NY Jets

Alright, here is where we start to get to the true Jets' legends. Emerson Boozer's career with the Jets spanned from 1966 to 1975. Despite battling injuries, Boozer showcased his talent and versatility as a running back.

He was known for his powerful running style, often breaking tackles and gaining tough yards. Boozer played a key role in the Jets' Super Bowl victory in 1969.

Like the past few entries on the list, Boozer played all 10 seasons with the Jets, totaling 1,291 carries for 5,135 yards and 52 touchdowns. He also added 139 catches for 1,488 receiving yards and an additional 12 touchdowns.

When Boozer was first selected back in the 1966 draft, the AFL and NFL were still separated. Since the Jets chose him in the fourth round of the AFL Draft and the Steelers selected him in the seventh round of the NFL Draft, Boozer decided to sign with the Jets.

It would be a wise decision as, by 1968, Boozer would forever be cemented as a Jets great. Boozer and the Jets won the Super Bowl that year, with Boozer rushing for 441 yards and five touchdowns across 12 games.

Boozer ranks as the number three leading rusher in Jets history, with the fourth most carries and second most rushing touchdowns. Boozer would make two Pro Bowls with the Jets and add the all-important Super Bowl to his impressive resume.

Deservingly so, Boozer clocks in at No. 3 on the countdown.