Ranking the top 10 running backs in NY Jets history

From Curtis Martin to Matt Snell, here are the 10 best running backs in New York Jets history
NY Jets, Curtis Martin
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4. Matt Snell, RB, NY Jets

Matt Snell was an integral part of the Jets' Super Bowl-winning team in 1969. As a bruising runner, Snell excelled in short-yardage situations and was known for his physicality. He became the first player in Super Bowl history to score a rushing touchdown, further solidifying his place in Jets history.

Snell played nine seasons in the NFL, all with the Jets. His career stats added up over time, although he never really had a terrific individual season, falling in behind Emerson Boozer for much of his later career.

Nonetheless, Snell ran 1,057 times for 4,285 yards with the Jets, adding 24 touchdowns. He also caught 193 passes for 1,375 yards and seven additional touchdowns.

Snell has the hardware to back up his ranking as number four on the list. Snell made three Pro Bowls during his career and 1 All-Pro Team in 1969. Snell was also an NFL Champion, an AFL Champion, and won Rookie of the Year in 1964.

In that 1964 season, Snell ran 215 times for 948 yards, both of which would remain his career high for a season. He also caught 56 passes for 393 yards and scored six total touchdowns.

His All-Pro season of 1,969 saw him run 191 times for 695 yards and four touchdowns, also adding 22 catches for 187 yards as well.

Again, although Snell never rushed for 1,000 yards in a single season, Snell's ability to both run and catch, as well as his impressive career stats and accolades, makes him stand out as an all-time great. The fact he also was a crucial member of the team's only Super Bowl win adds to his lore among fans.