Ranking the top 10 running backs in NY Jets history

From Curtis Martin to Matt Snell, here are the 10 best running backs in New York Jets history
NY Jets, Curtis Martin
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5. Johnny Hector, RB, NY Jets

Johnny Hector, the longest-tenured running back on the list thus far, played with the team from 1983 to 1992. Despite never being a lead starting running back for the team, Hector managed to find ways to impact games on limited attempts.

He is endeared to the hearts of Jets fans as he spent all 10 professional seasons with the team, never playing for another NFL franchise.

Although not having the career stats of some of the other names on the list, Hector's career numbers with the Jets earn him a top-five spot on our list. With the Jets, Hector ran 1,051 times for 4,280 yards and 41 touchdowns.

Hector ranks as the team's fifth all-time leading rusher and fifth in total carries and also ranks as the number three running back in touchdowns scored. He ranks above Curtis Martin and Emerson Boozer in yards per attempt and has a higher added value over Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene.

Hector's best years were from 1984-1989. In those six seasons, Hector averaged about 135 attempts for 540 yards, adding almost eight touchdowns per year. He also averaged 27 catches for 2,445 yards per season over that stretch as well.

Due to his longevity with the team and positive comparisons to other Jets legends, Hector ranks at number five on the list. Despite never having a true "breakout" season, or seasons, like some others, his career numbers stand out amongst Jets running backs.