Ranking the top 10 running backs in NY Jets history

From Curtis Martin to Matt Snell, here are the 10 best running backs in New York Jets history
NY Jets, Curtis Martin
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2. Freeman McNeil, RB, NY Jets

Freeman McNeil was a standout running back for the Jets from 1981 to 1992. Known for his explosive speed and elusive running style, McNeil consistently delivered big plays on the ground.

He ranks second on the Jets' all-time rushing list and earned three Pro Bowl selections during his career. McNeil's ability to find holes in the defense and break off long runs made him a beloved figure in Jets history.

McNeil, for many teams, may even top the list — he was that good. He played all 12 seasons with the franchise, rushing 1,789 times for 8,074 yards and 38 touchdowns. He also caught 295 passes out of the backfield for 2,961 yards and 12 more touchdowns.

In terms of Jets on the list, McNeil signifies the breaking point from the pack. He rushed for almost 3,000 yards more than Emerson Boozer, the number three all-time Jets rusher. He also tallied nearly 600 more career carries than Boozer, and in terms of total yards, he blows away the rest of the pack.

McNeil would earn three Pro Bowl nominations in 1982, 1984, and 1985. He also earned an All-Pro nomination during the 1982 season. In that 1982 season, McNeil ran 151 times for 786 yards, averaging a staggering 5.2 yards per carry.

McNeil would later top 1,000 rushing yards during both the 1984 and 1985 seasons, becoming the first player in Jets history to accomplish that feat.

McNeil ranks as the 53rd all-time leading rusher in NFL history as well as 54th all-time in carries. More surprisingly, because of his dual-threat ability, McNeil also ranks 83rd all-time in scrimmage yards in NFL history. He truly was an all-time great.