Ranking the top 10 cornerbacks in NY Jets history

Darrelle Revis? Sauce Gardner? Who are the greatest cornerbacks in Jets history?
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner
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3. Bobby Jackson, CB, NY Jets

Bobby Jackson played for the Jets from 1978 to 1985 and was a consistent presence in the secondary. His speed, agility, and coverage skills allowed him to match up against top receivers. Jackson's ability to read quarterbacks and make timely interceptions made him a valuable asset to the Jets defense.

Jackson was a sixth-round pick for the Jets in the 1978 draft, which panned out quite well for the team. Jackson would spend all eight seasons of his professional career with the Jets, appearing in 95 games and starting 90 of them.

In those eight seasons, Jackson totaled 21 interceptions and three fumble recoveries. He struggled with injuries later in his career, limiting him to just nine games in both 1981 and 1982 and only three games in 1984. Had he been healthy those years, his stats would undoubtedly be more impressive.

His 1978 season stands out as his best. In that year, his rookie season, he intercepted five passes and made the All-Rookie team as a cornerback. Not too shabby for a sixth-round pick.

Jackson was voted onto the Jets' All-Time team, earning the nod as the third cornerback on the list and earning him the third spot on our list.