Ranking the top 10 cornerbacks in NY Jets history

Darrelle Revis? Sauce Gardner? Who are the greatest cornerbacks in Jets history?
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner
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4. Antonio Cromartie, CB, NY Jets

Antonio Cromartie played for the Jets from 2010 to 2013 and brought his exceptional athleticism and ball skills to the team's secondary.

His ability to make acrobatic interceptions and lockdown receivers made him a valuable asset. Cromartie earned a Pro Bowl selection as a Jet and recorded multiple interceptions, including some highlight-reel plays.

Cromartie was one of the prized Jets off-season acquisitions heading into the 2010 season, already establishing himself as a good cornerback, earning a Pro Bowl and All-Pro nomination during the 2007 season.

The Jets traded a third-round pick to the Chargers in exchange for Cromartie to pair him with Darrelle Revis and form arguably the league's best cornerback duo.

Cromartie struggled early with the Jets, often blowing coverages leading to big plays for opposing teams. However, he also had a knack for the big moments and the big plays when the Jets needed them most.

At cornerback, Cromartie tallied 13 interceptions with the Jets, including 63 passes defended. He also added two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries to go along with 189 tackles in his five Jets seasons. He made two Pro Bowls with the team in 2012 and 2013, largely because of his work when Revis missed time.

Cromartie also contributed to big moments as a kick returner as well. One of his more memorable moments came in the 2010 Wild Card game against the Indianapolis Colts.

After what appeared to be an Adam Vinatieri game-winning field goal with under a minute left, Cromartie took the ensuing kickoff back 47 yards to set up a Nick Folk game-winning kick as time expired.

Cromartie always had a feel for the big plays and seemed to step up when the team needed him most. Despite being the "other guy" in a Darrelle Revis-led secondary throughout his career with the Jets, Cromartie found ways to establish himself as one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL throughout his career and make big plays for the franchise.