Ranking the NY Jets' top 12 needs ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft

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10. The NY Jets hopefully may not need to address quarterback for quite some time

The Jets have been searching for their quarterback seemingly forever, and after the failure that was Sam Darnold, many are hoping that Zach Wilson is the star of the future, finally solidifying the most important position in football.

His rookie season overall looks rough on paper, with some difficult stretches mixed in with promise, but with athleticism, great playmaking ability, and an incredibly strong arm, Wilson will be the QB for now. While the Jets may need to solidify the backup position in 2023, Wilson is the guy for now.

11. For now, the NY Jets don’t really need to address the punter situation

Punter is a very overlooked position in the NFL, and while a great punter can really change the game, the Jets have a serviceable one in Braden Mann, for now.

Mann has his fans throughout the Jets fan base and can be a good-to-great punter in the NFL. While the Jets may look to bring in a veteran for competition, it’s Mann’s job for the time being.

A 2020 sixth-round pick, Mann has done his job admirably in the NFL to this point, and if he can continue to improve, this is a position the Jets hopefully don’t have to address for years to come.

12. The NY Jets are seemingly confident in their kicker situation

The Jets have struggled to find a kicker for years, going through player after player, and while they don’t exactly have a Justin Tucker right now, they have enough talent to be set at that position going into the 2022 season.

Greg Zuerlein was added as competition to the younger Eddy Pineiro this past offseason, and great competition may bring out the best in both.

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Hopefully the Jets have finally solved this issue, as one is a proven veteran and the other a promising upstart. Either way, one of these two will be the Jets' guy going forward.