Ranking the NY Jets and every AFC East offensive line room

Where would the Jets come in amid an offseason full of change?
NY Jets offensive line
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The NY Jets have the misfortune of playing in arguably the toughest division in the NFL, as every single team in that group has a very clear path toward becoming a contender. The AFC East is a true gauntlet full of contenders who seek to ruin Aaron Rodgers' debut season.

The play of these teams' offensive lines might be the deciding factor in such a tight race. With many of these squads having struggled to keep their quarterbacks safe last season, fixing this issue will be a major feather in the cap of whichever executive can accomplish that.

When taking a look at the starting offensive lines for this quartet of wannabe contenders, the stratification and separation of these groups become clear. Are the Jets near the top, or stuck right in the middle of the circle of mediocrity?

Ranking all AFC East offensive lines including NY Jets

4. Buffalo Bills

  • LT Dion Dawkins
  • LG Connor McGovern
  • C Mitch Morse
  • RG Ryan Bates
  • RT Spencer Brown

Buffalo's offensive line issues have often been masked by Josh Allen playing like a world-beater at the quarterback position, but the Bills' issues have started to pop up later in the season during each of the last few campaigns. Is there one player in this unit who is considerably above average?

Dawkins is likely the tip of the spear in this alignment, with Brown possessing some real potential at right tackle due to his 6-8 frame. However, the youngster might be a year or two away from fully dipping into his talent reservoir. McGovern, formerly of Dallas, is as average as possible.

The NY Jets' offensive line is better than the Bills' line

Mitch Morse is a serviceable starting center in the league, but any offensive line with Morse as one of the clear best players is never going to be truly elite. Ryan Bates is in much the same tier as Morse, as no defensive line coach is sweating in their boots while game planning for him.

While the drama-laden Bills have some exciting depth pieces, as David Edwards came over from the Rams and O'Cyrus Torrence was regarded as one of the steals of the draft in the late second round, the starting unit lacks the pizzazz it needs to escape last place here.