Ranking all 33 foreign-born players in NY Jets history

From Vlad Ducasse to Tim Tebow (yes, really), we ranked EVERY foreign-born player to play for the Jets
NY Jets, Nathan Shepherd
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9. Lachlan Edwards, P, NY Jets

  • Country of Birth: Australia
  • Jets playing career: 2016-2019

Get ready for some specialists. The second of two Aussie punters to play for the Jets in the 21st century, Lachlan Edwards was a seventh-round pick of the team in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Edwards is another former Australian rules football standout who made it to the NFL, although his career was briefer than Ben Graham's. Still, Edwards managed to see a lot of action during his time with the Jets.

Edwards led the NFL in total punts and total punt yards in his final season with the Jets and actually ranks third all-time in franchise history in punt yards. He was hardly an All-Pro at his position, but he did his job admirably for nearly half a decade. That's nothing to scoff at.

8. Nick Lowery, K, NY Jets

  • Country of Birth: Germany
  • Jets playing career: 1994-1996

The German-born Nick Lowery is well known for his 14 years with the Kansas City Chiefs and remains the franchise's all-time leading scorer. Most tend to forget his late-career stint with the Jets in the mid-90s.

Lowery served as the Jets' kicker during the Pete Carroll and Rich Kotite years in the '90s, but even though he was at the tail end of his career, he still played well. The former All-Pro finished fourth among qualifiers in field-goal percentage in his first year with the Jets in 1994.

Those putrid Jets teams didn't give Lowery many opportunities to kick, but he was a quality kicker during his short stint with the team. He even became the NFL's all-time leading scorer (at the time) in his final season with the Jets in 1996.

7. Bobby Howfield, K, NY Jets

  • Country of Birth: England
  • Jets playing career: 1971-1974

Bobby Howfield was an accomplished soccer player in his home country of England, playing for notable teams like Watford and Fulham before making his way to the NFL in the late 1960s.

Howfield was traded by the Denver Broncos to the Jets in exchange for Super Bowl-winning kicker Jim Turner ahead of the 1971 season. While his numbers don't look great by today's standard, Howfield's 73 and 71 percent field-goal rates ranked top-five in the NFL in 1972 and 1973, respectively.

The highlight of his NFL career came on his 36th birthday in 1972 when he tied the franchise record for field goals in a game with six in an 18-17 Jets win over the New Orleans Saints. That record stood until 2018 when it was broken by Jason Myers.