Projecting the final NY Jets 53-player roster and 16-player practice squad

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NY Jets
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NY Jets Safety (4): Jordan Whitehead, LaMarcus Joyner, Jason Pinnock, Ashtyn Davis

NY Jets Practice Squad: Will Parks, Tony Adams

Pencil in Ashtyn Davis in this group. He is another 2020 draft pick on shaky ground, and it would not be shocking if he doesn't make the team. Davis does have value in playing both safety spots and can play specials. But his time in New York is running out. 

The Jets might toy with carrying only three safeties on their active roster. It's something they did too frequently last season.

Trying to carry a veteran like Parks on your practice squad is tricky. New York can carry up to six veterans on their PS. But the unheralded aspect of the process is that some veterans will turn down the offer. Parks is good enough to be on multiple NFL teams as a backup safety. And his agency knows that. 

NY Jets
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NY Jets Special Teams (3): Kicker Greg Zuerlein, Punter Braden Mann, LS Thomas Hennessy

The least challenging part of the roster to project. It became easier when Zuerlein won the placekicking job over Eddy Pinero. 

NY Jets Final Thoughts

This time of the year is very cruel to pro football players. But it's the reality of the numbers game. From 90 players to eventually 69 per team. Fifty-three on active rosters and then 16 on practice squads. At the bare minimum, Six hundred seventy-two players are released by 32 NFL teams during this period.

The process can be doubly cruel for the players who think they have made a team, only to find out that they are being jettisoned for another player claimed on waivers. The elation of making a 53 player roster or practice squad can be fleeting.

Who will be this year's Quincy Williams and Bless Austin for the Jets? A year ago, an early projected starter at CB Bless Austin, found himself being squeezed off the roster due to an influx of draft picks at his position. Quincy Williams ended up as a real find for the Jets. The Jaguars discarded linebacker became an instant contributor in New York's front seven, teaming up with CJ Mosely and his brother Quinnen.

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The Jets would be lucky to find someone who can be an asset like Quincy was at final cuts. New York certainly has a need for veteran depth at OT. They could be looking for another receiver as well. Dependng on what happens with Denzel Mims. These are areas to watch for before the season starts. As harsh as player cuts can be, fans get excited at this time of the year because it's a signal of a new season arriving.