Projecting the final NY Jets 53-player roster and 16-player practice squad

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NY Jets Linebackers (4): C.J. Mosley, Kwon Alexander, Quincy Williams, Jamien Sherwood 

NY Jets Practice Squad: Hamsah Nasirldeen, Marcell Harris

Out of the mix: DelShawn Phillips, DQ Thomas

A year ago, the Jets unconventionally carried five or fewer linebackers on their 53-player roster because of the team's numbers on the defensive line and secondary. I expect the same configuration this season. 

In a perfect world, especially for special team purposes. You'd carry more than four linebackers on game day. But not doing so practically forces New York to carry multiple linebackers on their practice squad.

Nasirldeen, and Harris, because of their experience in the scheme, seem like logical weekly call-up candidates when the roster expands from 53 to 55 on game days. Both players bring added value on game days because they can play at safety in a pinch if needed.

NY Jets
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NY Jets Cornerbacks (7): D.J. Reed, Sauce Gardner, Michael Carter II, Brandin Echols, Bryce Hall, Javelin Guidry, Justin Hardee

NY Jets Practice Squad: Isaiah Dunn

Out of the mix: Rachad Wildgoose

The Jets' top three cornerbacks are set in stone. The real question is whether or not Bryce Hall will play himself off the roster. There are some people in the team's building who feel that Brandin Echols is a better player and fit in the Jets' defensive scheme.

A Hall fall to corner #5 could precipitate him not dressing for games because he doesn't provide special teams value. Bryce Hall, a 2020 draft pick, could become the Jets' defensive version of Denzel Mims. 

If there are any takers for the two-year starter, I wouldn't rule out a Bryce Hall trade. He's young enough to draw interest from cornerback needy teams.