Predicting NY Jets next 3 moves after releasing Laken Tomlinson

What will the Jets do next?

C.J. Mosley
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2. The NY Jets will restructure the contracts of C.J. Mosley, John Franklin-Myers, and others

The Jets saved over $8 million by releasing Laken Tomlinson, bringing their total cap space up to over $20 million. There is still work to be done, however, as the Jets will need to find other ways to cut costs.

While that could entail more releases (more on that in a moment), the Jets will also likely take full advantage of contract restructures again this offseason, much like they did last year.

Two players who will almost definitely have their contracts restructured are linebacker C.J. Mosley and defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers. Mosley's cap hit stands at $21.48 million and is the highest on the team. Franklin-Myers' cap hit is the fourth-highest at $16.36 million.

The Jets can save over $10.5 million by restructuring Mosley's contract and pushing more dead money into the future. Similarly, they would save $9.2 million by doing the same with Franklin-Myers.

It's theoretically possible that the Jets simply release both players and save money that way, but each of Mosley and Franklin-Myers is crucial to the team's defensive success. A restructure is the most likely route.

Other players who are restructure candidates include Quinnen Williams, Allen Lazard, and D.J. Reed. Reed is entering the final year of his contract, and it might make more sense for the Jets to lower his cap hit via an extension as opposed to a restructure.

Either way, the Jets will almost certainly restructure a few contracts before the start of free agency. They need to find ways to create cap space before the new league year begins.