Power Ranking the NY Jets 2021 NFL Draft class through 11 weeks

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10. Jonathan Marshall, DT, NY Jets

Ranking the bottom of this draft class is difficult given the limited playing time these players have received. But it's hard not to have anyone but Jonathan Marshall at the bottom of this list.

Marshall has appeared in just one game playing nine snaps, all on defense. The Jets clearly view him as a project who's not ready for in-game snaps. Expect him to compete for a rotational spot next summer.

For now, he's one of the least relevant players on the roster.

9. Jason Pinnock, CB, NY Jets

A fifth-round pick in this year's draft, Jason Pinnock has been the least impactful of the team's Day 3 cornerback selections. Pinnock has appeared in five games this season, but only received defensive snaps in his last two appearances.

The Jets have been trying Pinnock at safety which is where he saw seven snaps in Week 11. Unfortunately, a back-breaking holding call is all most fans will remember his performance for.

Pinnock should have an opportunity to climb up these rankings in the coming weeks. But for now, he's comfortably near the bottom.