Power Ranking the NY Jets 2021 NFL Draft class through 11 weeks

NY Jets, Michael Carter
NY Jets, Michael Carter / Elsa/GettyImages
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It's been a difficult season for the NY Jets. The team currently sits at 2-8, has seen four quarterbacks play significant snaps, and has been witness to some of the worst defensive performances in NFL history.

This is a team with many flaws. But by far one of the biggest positive takeaways from this year has been their 2021 NFL Draft class.

After a shaky 2020 draft, general manager Joe Douglas has seen some very promising early returns from his second draft class with the organization.

While we're still only 11 weeks into each of their rookie seasons, it's hard not to get excited about the potential of this class. Especially when you consider how well many of them have played in an otherwise dismal season.

Of course, no draft class is going to have 100 percent hits. But if you could land 2-3 long-term cornerstones in one class, most people should find themselves repeatedly praising the front office.

As it stands right now, the Jets have had one of the most productive and promising rookie classes this season. And that alone should have fans excited for the future.

But rather than compare to other teams, let's take a look at how the Jets' draft class stacks up against each other.