Did the Packers president just spoil the NY Jets 'Hard Knocks' appearance?

Packers president Mark Murphy says the Jets are going to be on 'Hard Knocks' this summer
NY Jets, Mark Murphy
NY Jets, Mark Murphy / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The NY Jets have long been rumored to be this summer's Hard Knocks team, and although we still haven't received official confirmation yet, all signs point to it happening.

A report from Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio last week insists that the Jets are "bracing" for the announcement despite the team publicly stating their lack of interest in the hit HBO show. Now, we have the closest thing to confirmation thus far.

Green Bay Packers team president Mark Murphy answered fan questions in his monthly column on Packers.com this weekend, and one of those questions pertained to Hard Knocks. In his response, Murphy might have let it slip that the Jets will be on the show this year.

Murphy stated that he was "anxious to see the Jets and the many ex-Packers on Hard Knocks this summer." Perhaps Murphy is just speaking on the rumors that he's heard, or perhaps he's already aware that the Jets will be selected.

After all, if anyone is going to be in the know about the situation, it would be the highest-ranking official from an NFL team. Murphy might know something we don't yet.

The NY Jets seem destined for a 'Hard Knocks' appearance

The Jets are one of four teams that can be forced to appear on Hard Knocks this summer. Of the four teams, each of the Jets, Chicago Bears, and New Orleans Saints have publicly expressed their disinterest in the show. The Washington Commanders would be open to the assignment, but the NFL clearly has its eyes set on the Jets.

The addition of Aaron Rodgers has catapulted the Jets organization into the NFL's spotlight this offseason. Rodgers' attempts to help the Jets end their postseason drought this season make for good television.

His potential antics, combined with a number of intriguing storylines, make the Jets obvious candidates for this year's edition of the show. It's easy to see why the NFL and HBO want the Jets.

The league doesn't typically like to force teams to appear on Hard Knocks, but they've done so in the past — most notably with the 2019 Oakland Raiders. The last time the Jets appeared on the show was 2010, the year of the Jets' second consecutive AFC Championship Game appearance.

It seems inevitable that the Jets will end up as this year's Hard Knocks team. Get ready to watch Rodgers and company on HBO this summer. The announcement is coming.